CAS No.30000-36-3 Isoline


Name Isoline
CAS Registry Number 30000-36-3
Synonyms (12S)-12-Acetoxy-15,20-dihydro-15β-hydroxysenecionan-11,16-dione;(12S,15S)-12-Acetoxy-15,20-dihydro-15-hydroxysenecionan-11,16-dione;Isoline;Isoline【alkaloid】
Molecular Structure Isoline   30000-36-3
Molecular Formula
Molecular Weight

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Isoline may refer to:

  • A line of constant value on a map or chart [1]. Examples include isobar (equal barometric pressure), isotherm (equal temperature), and isohyet (equal precipitation).
  • Contour line (line of constant elevation or depth, sometimes used to describe other lines of constant value)
  • Isoline (opera), an opera by André Messager


[1] Merriam Webster dictionary